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Decentralized vs Centralized

Decentralized content

  • Get paid for storing and seeding contents
  • Pay for faster downloading speed
  • Network of nodes provide infrastructure
  • No Downtime
  • Cheaper to build large storing Applications

Centralized content

  • Not get paid unless qualified providers
  • Cannot pay to improve speed
  • Heavily depend on provider's network infrastructure
  • Downtime possible
  • Very expensive to build large storing Applications

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We are working on the dApp to create the world first decentralized Search Engine and decentralized Content Sharing Plarform running on BitTorrent File System. You can sponsor us by:

1. Donate BTC to 3Jb1FoESqwH6poBPK4FkVjwPDZ7MvvWRA7

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3. Purchase our Token to join our profit sharing program at https://www.tron2moon.com/t2m

We are looking for core team members in following areas: Graphical Design, Business Development, Software Developers. If you have any questions or want to join us, please contact us on Telegram @nad010286 or Twitter @tron2moon_